Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sticks and Stones Are Setting the Tones

Now that summer school has started and I have my new rhythm down, I finally have time to share with you what more has been done.  My boyfriend and I are finally getting our bedroom situated, so no more boxes being used as night stands!  We are still adding onto our spa relaxing theme which consists of light colored woods, whites and creams.  We even have invested in spa smells of mint eucalyptus to add onto the feeling.  So with trying to stick with no colors in the room, it has been very hard for me to find art work to buy.  I found this at and fell in love with it:
But at $80 a pop, and it barely being 2 feet by 2 didn't seem like such a great deal.  So I headed to Michael's craft store and had the wheels in my head cranking.  I went down their wood isle and had an epiphany.  I bought those packs of wooden circles and ovals along with a big canvas.  I also invested in some white capiz shell beads, wooden beads, and small natural stones.  This is what I ended up creating:

It turned out to only cost $30 and took a half hour to make.  You could even make a spin off of this by painting the canvas or the wooden shapes to match your own decor.  I used gorilla super glue for the stones and clear tacky craft glue for everything else.  So simple! 
As I finish the master bedroom I will post more pics up.  Thanks for stopping by!

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