Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green with Envy

So I ended up putting all of the green photos I made on the mantel.  I took all of my favorite pictures and uploaded them onto www.photoshop.com.  You will need to make a log-in if you are a first time user.  After putting all of my pics into the library on the website, you can do virtually anything to the pic.  And it is very user friendly!  So I would just click on a color and they have the tools on there to single that color out.  You can then either keep it the same color, or change it to a different one.  This is the arrangement I ended up liking the most...

3 out of the 5 pictures are funny ones...it helps me smile more through out the day.  They are also great conversation pieces!

All of the green and black and white really seems to give it continuity.  Pick your favorite color and get inspired!

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