Friday, July 2, 2010

A Bathroom Staple Gets a Makeover!

Towels and towel bars are in every bathroom.  So make it be a center piece!  I've seen lots of people neatly fold their towels and hang it over the bar...I've even seen where people dress it up with ribbon or raffia.  In the past I've taken silver chained necklaces and put it around the towel giving it a modern feel.  But who ever said you had to to hang the towel over the bar in the normal way?  Instead I have hung it the opposite way on the bar so the ends were facing up and secured it with a hair tie or rubber band. You just fold the flap over and the hair tie disappears making it now into a vase like structure.  I then proceeded to put a leaves and sticks arrangement in it.  This is what how it turned out...

Make sure if you do this you cut down the stems of the silk arrangement so when people go to use it, they don't get poked or scratched.  Make sure whatever you use to tie it is tight so the arrangement stays in place.

Here is the modern one with my necklace around it.  Sorry for the bad picture, I took it with my phone.

So get inspired and turn your towel into an art piece!  Even if you have left over decorative shower hooks, you can figure out someway to add it onto the towel.  Good luck and get creative!

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