Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Vision of Decorating to Come...

This is the layout of our soon to be home.  Our style is contemporary and my boyfriend does NOT like color.  So this has been hard trying to figure out a way to make the rooms exciting without punches of color.  So my plan for now is:

Living Room
We are planing on keeping all neutral colors of grays, black, white, and beige.  We are planning on having the main long wall grey, and then the dining room wall and sliding glass door wall we want to do something a bit more exciting.  We are going to get 5 shades of grey and section off the wall into 5 horizantal sections as well.  We then plan on doing a fading paint job with the lightest shade on the top and the darkest on the bottom.  It will be a lot of work, but hopefully very worth it!  I'm hoping once I'm in the space to get more ideas. 

Luckily, all of the applinces are black and our pub style table we already have is black as well.  The only thing I bought extra to put in is a white capiz chandiler to put above the table.  It was $70 and from World Market.

We wanted this to be our relaxing retreat, so we want it to be very spa like.  We are keeping the walls white and are attempting to update what we already have.  We just painted the old dresser I've had with ultra white paint and bought new handles.  Since the bed my boyfriend has does not have a head board, we are going to make a headboard.  I bought bamboo blinds from Big Lots ($12) and we are going to nail it above the bed.  So the room will revolve around whites and woods.  Hopefully it will turn out the way I'm envisioning it!

Dining Room: 
Besides the fading wall paint, above the buffet we are planning on hanging a fish tank to add another element of "WOW" factor.  In theory this is where we would like to have it, but we may decide on somewhere else.

Down stairs bathroom:
I am going to do a mini punch of color with bright greens.  I say mini because I'm going bring this out through photos and plants.  Here is an example of what I am talking about...

So this is the game plan for now...keep checking back to see if all goes as planned and my new ideas!


  1. Laurena, this is AMAZING, Im glad you finally found your calling in life. Add some spicy asian statues to pray to the gods. This will really bring out your desire for crab ragoon, just remember too much cream cheese and you'll be shittin' it out for weeks.

    Your biggest Fan,

  2. "Anonymous" I'm crying right now from laughing so hard! You should bring Ham over on friday when you help me decorate!